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Pogles Wood DVD

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Now on DVD!

SIX Episodes TWO more than the VHS


see Oliver's Summary below

86 minutes Multi Region DVD Pal B&W

Of the episodes Oliver has written a cheerful summary :

After much waking-up banter, the Plant tells a story especially for Mrs Pogle. as requested, this is about a good beautiful princess who lived in a Palace (he interpolated the fact that she was also a kleptomaniac). The Princess's nanny puts paid to that by stealing her pet monkey, but not till complete chaos has been caused and the Butler incarcerated. Pippin doesn't understand why he is lucky to be brought up in a wood.

While Mr and Mrs Pogle have gone visiting, Pippin and Tog try to make her a garden table and chair for her birthday. They fail. The Plant tells them a story about a very poor carpenter who is lucky enough to be commissioned by the Queen to make a table and a chair. Unfortunately he falls asleep, so the tools have to make it for him. The Queen is delighted, gives him gold. The magic has, of course, made the real table and chair. They set the Bandstand awning around it. Mrs Pogle returns and they have music and strawberry ice- cream.

Tog has lost his scarf. they go and look for it and see a horse being shod, and a man ploughing with a horse. they find Tog's scarf which my twins (now 40 yrs old !) have tied to their sign. Tog is presented with a cake, so he and Pippin plough a piece of ground and sow cake crumbs to make cake trees. The hedge hog follows them eating the crumbs.

Pippin and Tog are rooting through the dump and come across some playing-cards. They carry them home and Mrs Pogle tells them what they are and helps them to identify the suits and the royal personages. Pippin says the Kings and Queens are real.

So, with the Plant’s magic help, he tells and shows the story of how the Kings fight for the silver apple that is growing at the top of the tree. They cut down the tree but the apple isn’t there. This puzzles Pippin until the Plant explains that the apple was really the moon and that fighting over it was a waste of time.

Tog is severely frightened by a bird in a box on the wall which shouts “Cuckoo” at him. They run home and the Plant explains that it is a clock to tell the time. Pippin doesn’t understand why people would want tho know what time it is. So the Plant tells the story of Prince Pippin who is the Keeper of the King’s Time, and his friend, Professor Glockenspiel who invents, yes, the cuckoo-clock, so that the Prince can go out and play with his friends.
It is raining. The Pogles are making mayhem in the house so the Plant grows umbrellas for them. These dance and 'present themselves'. The Plant tells them how umbrellas are grown in the Island of Gamp, also about how a little Pippin caught a magic umbrella which took him up into the sky so that he could turn off the tap where the rain comes from. The sun has come out, so they help Mrs Pogle hang out the washing.

Please note that these programmes were filmed in Black and White, and over 30 years ago

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